The Ladies of Versailles are here to entertain you!

Ladies of Versailles featuring Marie Antoinette to entertain a fun special Xmas

Travel back in time and experience the glamour of the court of Marie-Antoinette!

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⚜️ Welcome to Versailles ! ⚜️

Have you ever wished you could step into a movie and talk to the characters? That you could get a taste of what life was like in the glamorous age of Kings and Queens? Wish no longer!

The Ladies of Versailles is an online, live, interactive experience in which you get to talk, laugh and interact with the most famous Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette, or her favorites. Our professional actresses bring those famous characters to life in a way you’ve never seen them before! And all of this happens via computer screens, safe in the comfort of your own home!

We offer three experiences, each with a different character. Follow makeup advice to recreate the Rococo look, play a Game of Goose with the Queen, or sing along to gaudy songs of the era - whichever experience you choose, you will not just be sitting in front of your computer, watching the action unfold: you will be an integral part of it!

⚜️ Our Royal Encounters ⚜️

Versailles Marie Antoinette game cake play fun

Games and Cakes with Marie-Antoinette

Engage in a riveting Game of Goose (le Jeu de l’Oie) with the Queen of France! Our beautiful custom-made game board (which you can print at home!) will walk you through the story of the court of Versailles and some of its emblematic figures, while you try to beat the Queen at her own game. Ask her all your burning questions and savor a delicious pastry thanks to the simple cake recipe we’ll send to you beforehand. It is one of the Queen’s favorites!

*Children welcome, 7+

Versailles Polignac sexy drink sing play fun

The sexy side of Versailles with the Duchess of Polignac

For a mature audience, partake in a lively, sensual encounter with the sexiest duchess of Versailles as she recounts the excesses of the French Court. Get in the mood with a delicious aphrodisiac cocktail (to savor during the experience). Then, test your wits with Polignac’s sexy historical quiz, sing bawdy songs from the era and delve into the scandals of the day, but be prepared, these aren’t your grandma’s tabloids!

Versailles Potin beauty makup gossip play fun

Beauty and Gossip with the Duchess of Potin

Unleash your Baroque beauty! Let our show’s makeup artist (and court gossip girl) guide you through all the steps to style your hair and do your makeup in the truest Rococo fashion. Learn the Queen’s beauty secrets, pamper your inner duchess and powder yourself silly as the Duchess reveals the juiciest gossip of Versailles! Hold on to your wig because this is one royal makeover!

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⚜️ Exclusive Experience ⚜️

Private bookings on request, contact us for availability

Tailor-made for groups of 2 to 12 people

Each encounter lasts 1h30mn

Hosted via Zoom (download not necessary)

Best experienced on a computer, laptop or tablet (but is possible on a phone)

Discover 18th century France from the comfort of your own home with our online immersive experience
Select a noble identity and play dress up for a full immersive experience

⚜️ The Royal Treatment ⚜️

How to Prepare

All participants will receive a Royal Arrangements Guide offering simple suggestions on how to prepare and create your very own Versailles at home, including gorgeous virtual backgrounds of the palace for full immersion!

You also get to choose your very own noble identity: Duke, Countess, Baroness or Prince? You decide who you want to be, and how you want to be addressed!

⚜️ Uniquely Yours ⚜️

This is not an awkward online experience with strangers! Your private audience with the Queen and her ladies is reserved only for her favorites... you and yours! And you get to select the date and time (within availability)!

Petit Traianon at Versailles

⚜️ Perfect For You ⚜️


Versailles Polignac sexy drink sing play fun Xmas Christmas

Looking for a fun date night idea?

Invite your date and take out your sexiest outfits to blush and giggle while listening to sexy stories with the Duchess of Polignac. 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

Versailles Marie Antoinette game cake play fun Xmas Christmas

Sunday brunch with friends?

Get your dice and your competitive spirit and gather around a Game of Goose to try to beat the Queen of France herself! 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

Versailles Potin beauty makup gossip play fun Xmas Christmas

Want to treat your work team to a decadent moment?

Prepare your brushes and powders and let the Duchess of Potin teach you all about 18th century beauty and how to replicate its quintessential looks at home!

⚜️ Pricing ⚜️

Each Encounter starting at 199€ for up to 12 people

What’s included:

  • Personalized experience with your group
  • The Royal Arrangement Guide
  • Discover fascinating historical facts, pamper yourself and have fun!
  • “Royal Portrait” (screen capture) to remember the experience
  • Customized recipes, goodies and/or beauty tips
  • Exclusive discounts at French online boutiques!

* Tell us if it’s for a special occasion! Our performers will be happy to adapt to your request.

Want to book all 3 encounters? Contact us for details and a discount!

LOV Web border pricing

*Looking for a unique Team Building experience?

The Ladies are here for you! Contact us for your customized Ladies of Versailles experience!

⚜️ The Cherry on the Cake? ⚜️

Signing up for one (or all!) of our three experiences will also give you access to exclusive discounts at the online shops of our French partners for full immersion into French culture!

Exclusive discounts with our partner Dorin perfume, gift idea!
Exclusive discounts with our partner Sight Seeker's Delight virtual tour of Paris, gift idea!
Exclusive discounts with our partner Northern Lights, gift idea!
Exclusive discounts with our partner Molly J Wilk for cooking classes, gift idea!
Ladies of Versailles partners many more to come!

⚜️ What our guests say... ⚜️

We had a wonderful time traveling through centuries and felt very privileged to be hosted by the Duchess. A must do for all the Versailles lovers!

- Benoit M.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and would recommend to friends!! I have been missing France with every fiber of my being, and this experience gave me a little taste of exactly what i am missing so much!! I would love to experience more and I will definitely be telling my friends!

- Danielle F.

An amazing and fun experience! When do you actually have the opportunity of feeling like a Duchess? With Ladies of Versailles, you get to be one for one hour and learn “behind the scene” stories of Marie-Antoinette’s beauty tips with the great Duchess of Potin!

- Charlotte V.

The queen is decadent & funny ! Between her outfit & her casual attitude, I had the feeling being with the queen "Marie-Antoinette" of Sofia Coppola herself .... Amazing !

- Julia C.

We eagerly await your arrival, future members of the Court of Versailles!

Regally yours,

The Ladies of Versailles

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